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Free Online Course Provided by edX: Make Your Own App

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Free Online Course Provided by edX: Make Your Own App

edX platform offers the opportunity to attend a free online course on "Make Your Own App" provided by the Technical University of Munich. Over 6 weeks you will interactively learn the basics of web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, ...) and how to utilize these techniques to build your own software applications for mobile or desktop devices (exemplified with a chat app).

Course Description

Using motivational videos, introductory sections, an interactive code editor, challenges and peer review throughout this course you will develop a working chat app. While doing so you can earn credits and points, receive badges and fulfill achievements in order to be able to see and compare your progress with other students. Starting with simple HTML content and ordinary CSS rules you will gradually improve your app and add increasing interaction within every week using JavaScript and JQuery. After completing this course you’ll be able to tackle almost any idea you might have and build an app that fulfills your needs.

What You'll Learn

  1. HTML, CSS and JavaScript basics.
  2. How to structure HTML code, including media elements, referencing external resources and separate CSS styles from HTML code.
  3. How to make web apps interactive.
  4. How to use advanced CSS properties to create captivating apps and understand and apply basic programming concepts like loops and arrays.
  5. Advanced JavaScript concepts and a basic introduction to web-APIs, JSON and AJAX

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