Metacs Accelerate Internships for Saudi Citizens to Canada

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Metacs Accelerate Internships for Saudi Citizens to Canada

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MITACS Accelerate Internship is continuous program and application can be submitted anytime during the year. Through Mitacs-Accelerate, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from over 50 universities apply their specialized expertise to business-related research challenges. Armed with the very latest tools, techniques, and innovations, the intern (a graduate student or postdoctoral fellow) brings a new perspective to the problem faced by the industry partner.

Interns spend approximately half of the time on-site with an industry partner; the remainder is spent at the university advancing the research under the guidance of a faculty supervisor. Open to all disciplines and all industry sectors, projects can span across a wide range of areas, including: manufacturing, technical innovation, business processes, IT, social sciences, design, and more.


MITACS Accelerate Internship offers the following:

  1. The opportunity for inters to apply their skills in a non-academic environment and to broaden their professional network.
  2. A stipend/salary starting at $10,000 per four-month period.
  3. The opportunity for interns to build their CV with peer-reviewed research.


  1. Spend approximately 50% of the internship with the academic institution and 50% with the partner organization.
  2. Submit a final report and exit survey summarizing project results and experiences.
  3. Follow the Accelerate Code of Conduct.

Who is Eligible:

  1. Full-time students at all Canadian colleges and full-time grad students at all Canadian universities.
  2. Full-time graduate students in select Mitacs partner countries (visit the Accelerate International tab for more details).
  3. Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and international students over the age of 18.
  4. All academic disciplines.
  5. Eligible businesses and not-for-profit organizations operating in Canada.
  6. Under the Accelerate Entrepreneur initiative, eligible intern-owned start-ups at approved incubators.
  7. For-profit businesses operating outside of Canada.

About Mitacs:

Mitacs is a national, non-profit organization that has designed and delivered research and training programs in Canada for 19 years. Working with 60 universities, 4,000 companies, and both federal and provincial governments, the organization builds partnerships that support industrial and social innovation in Canada.


Saudi Arabia
Country of residence
Saudi Arabia
Both gender
Business, Studying

Opportunity Information

Opportunity Targeting
Graduate Students
Partial funding
Opportunity Coverage
Stipend/ Living allowance
Opportunity will take place in
Required Documents
CV, Research Proposal, others

Educational Conditions

Required Specialties
All Specialties
Educational Level
High School Diploma, Bachelor
Required Languages
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Mitacs is a national, non-profit organization that has designed and delivered research and training programs in Canada for 19 years.... More details