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Online Course in Film Editing Presented by At Films Academy

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Online Course in Film Editing Presented by At Films Academy

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"At Films Academy" offers an online course on film editing. The participants in this course will be able to learn more about the montage in films, its history, rules, and mistakes. They will also learn how to cut scenes, handle clips, sound design, color manipulation, music selection and sound effects. Each week, a 20 minutes lesson will be offered, and followed by a set of questions, links or written sources to initiate a post-course discussion. A second sub-course may be offered during the same week. Learners can enter at any time to follow the lesson. The instructor will always be available to answer their questions after watching the lesson. This course is mainly for the beginners who want to master the montage techniques, but it is also useful for those who wish to learn short film editing, documentaries, programs, and videos.

Course Fees:

The course cost is $90. Applicants who register through Forsa website will get a discount and pay only $70.

Course Overview:

  • Course Type: Semester.
  • Standard of Success: Complete all lectures and tests.
  • Certificate Availability: Available - according to success criteria.

Course Syllabus:

The duration of this course is 17 weeks divided as follows:

  1. Week 1: History + Download Adobe Premiere.
  2. Week 2: A Historical Perspective (Part II).
  3. Week 3 - Week 7: How to work on Premier.
  4. Week 8: Music Editing.
  5. Week 9: Editing methods.
  6. Week 10: Sound Design.
  7. Weeks 11-16: How to work on Premier.
  8. Week 17: Concluding remarks.

About the Lecturer:

This course will be taught by Tariq Badar, a Jordanian filmmaker who has been working in the media since 2008. He was born in Kuwait in 1984 and lives mainly in Jordan. Married to director Alaa Hamdan. He graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering before deciding to take part in the media. He earned his Film Diploma from the New York Film Academy (NYFA) in Doha in 2014. He has Founded with his wife "At Films Academy" in 2017, in which they present their respective filmmaking courses to hundreds of people.


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