About FOR9A

What is FOR9A

FOR9A is the biggest dynamic platform in the Middle East that provides free educational advice, training, capacity building, and skill development opportunities for young people living in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). FOR9a provides different opportunities that vary to include scholarships (Bachelor, Masters, PhD), fellowships, training, conferences, competitions, events and festivals, internships, volunteer work, workshops, financial grants, cultural exchange programs, online courses, vocational and technical training and job opportunities.

FOR9A’s Mission

FOR9A’s real investment is to reach more young people and make a difference in their lives. We link institutions that offer opportunities such as universities, vocational training centers, cultural institutes, training centers, NGOs, and private companies - with enthusiastic, passionate, and professional youth. We also seek to connect young people with the best education and capacity building opportunities, using innovative tools to overcome barriers that prevent young people from reaching their potential. Young people use FOR9A website to reach thousands of opportunities that play a critical role in improving their lives and career path. FOR9A offers thousands of reliable opportunities in one place and makes them all accessible regardless of the user's identity, nationality, connections and interests, which in turn breaks the elite circles that prevent youth from obtaining the educational and training opportunities they deserve.

FOR9A’s Services for Users

First: Local and global opportunities for young people in the Middle East and North Africa, which get published on a weekly basis with no less than 70 free and funded opportunities. FOR9a publishes different types of opportunities that fall into 11 major categories (scholarships, fellowships, cultural exchange programs, workshops and courses, competitions, training opportunities, events, conferences and festivals, vocational training programs, volunteering opportunities, job opportunities, and financial grants). Apply for the opportunities now

Second: Taalam portal for articles: It is a wide range of articles that enriches the users’ academic and cultural background covering all their inquiries regarding the scholarships/jobs application process. It also helps users to learn the English language, learn about the personal and employability skills and develop them, in addition to the motivational content and self-development articles. Read Taalam articles now

Third: The Specialities Directory: It is a comprehensive guide that contains more than 200 university specialties within 8 major groups. It explains in detail each major, the materials it contains, the characteristics and skills required, the best universities that teach it, the speciality branches, the jobs it provides, the speciality demand, the expected salary after graduation, in addition to the most famous graduates throughout history. Browse the specialities directory now

Fourth: Jobs Directory: It is a comprehensive career guide, it contains more than 300 jobs. It provides a description of each job, the main skills, responsibilities, and personal characteristics needed, the labor market demand and the estimated salary. It also has been linked with the specialities directory to make the user aware of the jobs offered by each discipline. Browse the jobs directory now

Fifth: The Aptitude and Career Test; it is a free test that helps users discover and analyze their personalities and determine their most appropriate university major through a set of questions that assess their skills, personal characteristics, mental agility and links them with a group of specialities that suit their skills, capabilities and personal traits. Do the Aptitude and Career test now

Sixth: FOR9A Free Online Courses: FOR9A offers free online courses with free certificates in different fields developed and produced by the FOR9A team. In addition to other prestigious online courses made by the most known companies. Enroll in the courses now

Seventh: Educational and Career Counseling Sessions This service was launched at the end of 2020 due to a need for users to consult a specialized expert individually and directly to obtain assistance in applying for scholarships and preparing the required documents such as a letter of motivation, letter of intent, personal statement and filling out the application form. In addition to the need to obtain advice and guidance from a professional expert who can help the user choose their university major correctly. This service is provided through individual sessions held online between the user and Forsa counselor, and it is one of Forsa paid services. Book your session now

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Forsa's Services for organizations

  1. Create an account on FORSA and add it to the organizations directory page, which enables users to follow the organization’s account and stay up-to-date with all the opportunities that the organization posts first-hand.
  2. Publish opportunities on FORSA.
  3. Benefiting from the promotion services, by making the organization’s opportunities reach a larger group of users through FORSA accounts on social media platforms, regular mailer service, and mobile push notifications. The marketing and promotion campaigns are led by a professional team that ensures that the opportunities reach the target audience accurately.
  4. Benefiting from customization services, as institutions can benefit from the FORSA platform database by targeting nationality, country of residence, age, gender, educational level, or a specific major, to ensure that high-quality applications are received.
  5. Receiving a final data report with all the opportunity statics and numbers.
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FORSA Statistics

FORSA has been highly popular from users in the MENA, where the number of the registered users has reached nearly two and a half million users by the beginning of 2021, and the website has been visited by more than 100 thousand visitors a day, and more than 22 million pages have been viewed from around the world. And more than a million six hundred thousand people liked the FORSA page on Facebook. (These statistics date back to the beginning of 2021).

FOR9A is run by young people from across the MENA region who seek to provide and develop the best services for its users. If you have any inquiry or have any suggestion, you can contact info@for9a.com.