Residencies and Exchange Programs

FOR9A offers many unique accommodation opportunities that allow users to spend a certain period (specified by the donor) in a country where the donor institution bears all expenses incurred by the applicant throughout their stay. Some travel and accommodation opportunities are geared to artists (of all kinds of art) or architects so that they have the opportunity to be inspired and work on their artistic or academic projects in a quiet environment. Residence opportunities include many workshops, trainings, and support for potential projects. These activities allow applicants to work with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, exchange experiences, and cultures while building a network and forming relationships with experts and other participants. For9a also provides opportunities for many cultural exchange opportunities in America, Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, and other countries that students and young people are interested in. All cultural exchange programs offered by FOR9A are fully funded and include participation in many events, festivals, workshops, networking opportunities, seminars, research, and trips that are of the interests of participating students.