Vocational and Technical Trainings

“Vocational and technical training” is the term used by training institutions that seek to rehabilitate people in non-academic fields and raise their professional or technical competence, regardless of their level of education. This training aims to enable them to enter the labor market without having to hold university degrees. The duration of vocational training programs ranges from several weeks to two years depending on the field of training. People can begin vocational training after completing their basic, secondary or higher education. Vocational and technical training is given by vocational training institutions, community colleges or technical institutes. FOR9A platform offers vocational and technical training programs for Jordanians, Syrians and individuals of all nationalities from accredited colleges and training institutions in various fields such as beauty, electricity, air conditioning, refrigeration, computers, mechanics, secretarial work, blacksmithing, carpentry, plumbing, food industries and others. Some vocational training opportunities will be followed by job opportunities provided by the same donor institution. All of these training programs will enable you to learn a new profession or craft from which you can start your own business, achieve a good financial return, and obtain a certificate from accredited institutions locally and internationally.