Study and Travel to East Asia

East Asian countries include Japan, China, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Mongolia.

Although its culture is different, East Asia is nevertheless a destination for many Arab youth who are interested in Asian culture and are looking for opportunities to study and work abroad.

On this page, we have collected for you the latest and best opportunities available in East Asian countries, browse them now and find your dream opportunity!

Scholarships and Travel Opportunities to China and East Asia

Apply now for the different scholarships, competitions and exchange opportunities available in the east asian region:

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Free Online Courses to Learn Chinese

The Chinese language is getting more and more important by every passing day, especially with China’s growing economy. Don’t fall behind...start learning this language with our selection of free online courses:

Job Opportunities in China

Looking forward to building a career in china? Check out these job opportunities available there!

Learn Korean Language for Free

Start preparing for your studies in South Korea and gain the basic skills in korean by enrolling in any of the following courses:

Study Japanese for Free

Learning Japanese won’t be that pricey anymore, enroll now in any of the following free online courses and start your studying journey!