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2018 Fulbright Joint Supervision Scholarship for Moroccan PhD Students

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2018 Fulbright Joint Supervision Scholarship for Moroccan PhD Students

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MACECE "The Moroccan-American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange" announces the 2018 Fulbright Joint Supervision Scholarship for doctoral candidates at Moroccan universities. The Joint Supervision Program sends Moroccan doctoral candidates to an American university to pursue a year of study and research with an American Ph.D. co-supervisor. Candidates selected under this program spend up to one full year at an American university conducting research in labs, libraries, and auditing classes under the supervision of their American co-supervisor.

Ph.D. students interested in this program must first find an American professor willing to host them for one year.  Applications must include a letter of invitation from an American professor that clearly states the professor’s support for applicants to come and work with them at their university.

The American professor becomes an official co-supervisor along with the applicant’s Moroccan supervisor. The American professor’s letter must express a clear commitment to supervise and guide the applicant’s doctoral work in the United States. The applicant’s Moroccan thesis supervisor must also write a letter of support expressing their participation in this grant.


[1] Applications without commitments and authorization from both Moroccan and American professors will not be considered.

[2] Applications must include an evaluation of the applicant’s dissertation proposal by both the Moroccan thesis supervisor and the American co-supervisor.

[3] Candidates must submit a minimum TOEFL score of 477 for the paper-based test or an internet-based test (IBT) minimum score of 53. Candidates in the humanities must have a minimum 500 / 61. Applicants who hold a B.A. in English Studies are exempt from this requirement.

[4] Applications must include a shortened thesis proposal specifically tailored for this application that covers the following points:

  • The dissertation’s hypothesis and overall purpose must be stated clearly in plain English in the first few paragraphs of the modified thesis proposal.
  • How the dissertation’s thesis and research are situated in the context of current research in field, taking place in Morocco and in the world in general.
  • How the proposal relates to Morocco’s national development needs is an important element in the Selection Committee’s consideration of the proposal.
  • A brief review of the relevant literature, including an up-to-date bibliography.

Note: Applicants for the Fulbright Joint – Supervision should select in their application the academic year 2019-2020. Failure to do so will result in the ineligibility of your application.

The Joint Supervision Scholarship covers the following:

[1] A monthly stipend for a total of 12 months while at the American university, divided into two periods if appropriate.  The Joint Supervision grant covers one or two round-trips between Morocco and the American host university.

[2] Reasonable charges at the American host university, subject to MACECE’s and the U.S. co-supervisor’s approval.

[3] An allowance of up to $1000 for the purchase of books and materials.

[4] An allowance of up to $1000 for the purchase or rental of necessary academic equipment.

[5] Medical insurance covering the grantee’s period(s) of stay in the U.S.

[6] MACECE also provides a round-trip ticket and per diem for the American co-supervisor to attend the PhD thesis defense of the Moroccan student and to spend up to one week in Morocco connecting with Moroccan colleagues and universities.

The maximum period over which Joint Supervision is disbursed is three years.

Like all Fulbright programs, the Joint Supervision grantee must pledge to return to Morocco upon completion of the program.


For over thirty years, the Moroccan-American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange (MACECE) has been working to promote the spirit of traditional friendship between the peoples of Morocco and the United States of America by facilitating academic and cultural exchanges between American and Moroccan citizens.

The Moroccan-American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange was established in 1982 by agreement between the two governments. As the principal organization entrusted with this mission, it enjoys financial, managerial and administrative autonomy. It is managed by a binational board of commissioners and receives its primary funding from the governments of the Kingdom of Morocco and the United States of America, as well as from the private sector. The Commission administers a wide range of research, study and teaching grants, chiefly within the context of the worldwide Fulbright Educational Exchange Program.


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