An Opportunity to Win Value Prizes from the Comics Festival in Switzerland 2019

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An Opportunity to Win Value Prizes from the Comics Festival in Switzerland 2019

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BDFIL offers an opportunity to participate in the annual comics festival in Switzerland on 12-16 September 2019. The festival aims to support emerging talent in this area by launching a comic contest.

Festival Theme for 2019

The theme of the festival will be ''Shadow'' and all submissions should present a complete story, on one board, with or without text, and be closely connected with the theme of the competition ''Shadow''. The participants who would like to take their artworks back can send the post mail fees with their submissions and the organization will send their work back after the festival before October 31, 2019. The post mail fee for participants living outside Western Europe is 25 Euros. The festival recommends participants to keep a copy of their project in the case of loss or damage during the mail or during the event.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. The participant should be over the age of 15.
  2. Every project should be presented on a format from A4 to A3 maximum.
  3. Every project should be presented in the French format (vertical).
  4. Artworks that have been published before are not eligible to apply.
  5. Any text/dialogue used in the story must be in French, German, English or Italian.
  6. Online applications and submission should be delivered before the deadline.

And for more information on the application requirements, please click here.


  • The winners will be offered the opportunity to attend the festival with full of coverage of participation fees, accommodation, meals, and 440 € as a contribution in traveling fees.
  • Each project must submit a story on one panel with or without text.
  • Each project should be submitted in A3 format (29.7 x 42 cm max) and in French (vertical) format.
  • Submit your work via post mail to the following address: BDFIL, Concours Nouveau talent, Place de la Cathédrale 12, 1005 Lausanne - Switzerland.


The first three winners will also be granted with the following prizes:

  1. CHF 2,000 for the first winner.
  2. CHF 1,500 for the second winner.
  3. CHF 1,000 for the third winner.

About BDFIL Organization

The organization of BDFIL is placed under the aegis of the Lausanne Foundation for the radiation of comics. The purpose of this foundation is to promote the promotion of comics and to contribute to a particular enhancement of the comic book collection. The organization holds an annual festival to support new and young talents through competition for comics, the festival is going to be held this year from September 12-16, 2019.

The winner will be notified and announced on Monday 16th September 2019 on the BDFIL website.

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Any Country
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Opportunity Information

Opportunity Targeting
Anyone Interested
Partial funding
Opportunity Coverage
Accommodation, Food, Participation fees
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Required Documents

Educational Conditions

Required Specialties
All Specialties
Educational Level
Primary School
Required Languages
English, French
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The organization of BDFIL is placed under the aegis of the Lausanne Foundation for the radiation of comics. The purpose... More details