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Call for Participation at Amman Design Week 2019

Amman Design Week
Development agency Amman Design Week
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Call for Participation at Amman Design Week 2019

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Amman Design Week is seeking designers, makers, and craftspeople who are interested in setting up complete displays of their product lines. While applicants can sell in their respective setups, they are encouraged to think beyond a commercial pop-up shop to installations for the purpose of storytelling and active engagement with audiences.

As the most popular exhibition at Amman Design Week, the Crafts District is a celebration of the act of making; both traditional and contemporary. Taking place in a new location each year, this pop-up experience combines design installations, exhibitions, shops, and cultural programs that offer craftspeople and makers from across the country a chance to share their ideas and stories.

The Crafts District seeks to showcase original work that revives, is derived from, or is otherwise rooted in heritage-based practice and technique, but also work that demonstrates innovation in form, material, or adaptation to contemporary culture and use.

An exciting venue consisting of a series of beautiful heritage homes that will contain the exhibitions of the pop-up Crafts District will be announced soon. Exhibition room sizes available may vary between 15 - 32 square meters in area.

The third edition of Amman Design Week will take‭ ‬place from 4‭ - ‬12‭ ‬October 2019‭.

About Amman Design Week:

Amman Design Week is an immersive experience in local and regional design and culture‭, ‬supported by‭ ‬Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah‭.‬

Focused on creating a forum for learning‭, ‬exchange and collaboration‭, ‬this platform empowers designers through its comprehensive‭ ‬program of large-scale curated exhibitions‭, ‬student and community programs‭, ‬workshops‭, ‬talks‭, ‬competitions‭, ‬and cultural events‭. ‬It's a curatorial platform dedicated to building connections between designers and innovators in Jordan and the world‭. ‬This platform offers year-round learning programs‭, ‬direct mentorship‭, ‬and personalized guidance‭, ‬working hand-in-hand with aspiring designers and craftspeople to develop new and original products and ideas‭.‬

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Amman Design Week

Amman Design Week is an annual immersive experience in design thinking and creativity. Focused on creating a forum for learning,... More details