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Call for Researchers to Attend the International Conference on European (In)security in Romania 2019

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A call to attend the International Conference on European (In)security that aims to bring together a group of 25-30 researchers to work on European governance, intelligence and security in order to facilitate the knowledge sharing and a better understanding of current events. The organizers strive for a balance between established academics, early career scholars (PhD candidates may also apply) and practitioners. They encourage theoretical, empirical or methodological papers on any aspects related to developments and approaches in the fields of European governance, intelligence and security cooperation and management (including issues of securitization).

Depending on the quality, and scope of works, the organizers have in mind either a special issue in an international peer-reviewed journal or an edited volume with a high-profile publisher.

Papers can address any of the following topics including, but not limited to:

  1. The role of the EU in shaping European security.
  2. The role of Member State in addressing the current challenges.
  3. Security of migration.
  4. Governance of security.
  5. Elections and current political trends (eg. populism).
  6. Power rivalries and geopolitical threats.

In line with the goals of this conference, three types of papers are encouraged:

  1. Theoretical papers that discuss the definition and conceptualization of new perspectives in European security. Such contributions should ideally bring a broad perspective of the concepts and relate them to existing analytical dimensions.
  2. Methodological papers addressing specific issues or assessments related to European security. Contributions that bring innovative methods and data are particularly welcomed.
  3. Empirical papers that seek to explain new developments, existing challenges, different forms of security in diverse settings, components of security etc. Longitudinal analyses and comparative works are particularly encouraged. They have no preference for qualitative or quantitative techniques of analysis. However, they expect papers presenting single case studies to aim at building, testing, or modifying theories instead of being centered on individual instances.


There is no conference fee. The organizers will provide accommodation and meals for the entire duration of the conference. In case of co-authored works, the organizers will cover the costs for one author.

About the Department of International Studies and Contemporary History (DSIIC):

The department is directly involved through the Altiero Spinelli Center in the preparation of two journals written in international databases: the Romanian Review of European Governance and the Romanian Journal of International Studies, and the Security Studies Center coordinates a periodical publication in the field of security studies.

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The department is directly involved through the Altiero Spinelli Center in the preparation of two journals written in international databases: ... More details