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Free Online Course: Academic Writing in English

Training Company edX
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Free Online Course: Academic Writing in English

Do you have difficulty writing an academic text?

EdX is offering a free online course called “Academic Writing Made Easy” to take you through the basics of academic writing step by step. From structuring and organizing an academic text to avoiding common pitfalls that can negatively affect your credibility, this 6-week course offers a guide for those who want to improve their writing. It looks at various components that will make your academic writing stand out for all the right reasons, including paragraphing, style, tone, paraphrasing and punctuation. Using samples of student writing it also gives you tips on what to avoid and explains why. Each week is comprised of video lessons, followed by exercises and peer-review tasks, taking you through various aspects of academic writing. The course requires upper-intermediate (B2) to advanced English (C1).

Topics covered:

  1. Week 1 Rhetorical Preferences: Meeting the expectations of your target group
  2. Week 2 Genre: Differentiating between types of scholarly texts
  3. The Writing Process: Overcoming writer's block
  4. Week 3 Cohesion: Making your ideas flow logically
  5. Week 4 Sentences: Writing reader-friendly sentences
  6. Week 5 Credibility: Convincing your peers to accept and believe what you write
  7. Week 6 Punctuation: Polishing your text
  8. Putting it all together: Overcoming the last hurdles

What you’ll learn:

  1. To understand the basic tenets of academic writing
  2. To identify the different genres and the expectations of each one
  3. To overcome writer's block
  4. To structure your ideas cohesively
  5. To write reader-friendly sentences
  6. To use appropriate tone to gain credibility
  7. To avoid plagiarism 
  8. To ensure your text respects the rules of general punctuation in English


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