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Free Online Course: Teamwork Skills

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Free Online Course: Teamwork Skills

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Edraak offers this free online course on “Teamwork Skills” that aims to train candidates on group skills and interaction with others at the workplace for the benefit of the team and the organization as a whole. The course will last for 3 weeks, with an effort of 3 hours. 

The course includes the following topics:

  1. The high value of teamwork
  2. Types of teams
  3. Individual styles of working within groups
  4. Characteristics of effective teams
  5. Stages of team formation: Tuckman’s model
  6. Trust: the main ingredient of teamwork
  7. Effective team communication
  8. Individual involvement within teams
  9. Problem-solving within a team context
  10. Difficult behaviors in teams
  11. Practical applications

Course’s syllabus:

  1. Module one: Understanding the concept of Teamwork and its types - Practical knowledge of the reasons for working within a team and its benefits - Determining the individual style of work within a team - Identifying the obstacles of the teamwork for appropriate action
  2. Module two: Training in the stages of team building according to Tuckman - Measuring the current status of the learner's team - the ten basic qualities of an effective team - Using the ten attributes as a checklist to continually check up on team's state
  3. Module three: Define the challenges of the teams and deal with them properly - Identify the difficult personalities within the team and ways to deal with them
  4. Module four: Identify the qualities of team spirit through a range of activities - Identify personal commitments to team building

What you will learn:

  1. Defining teamwork and highlighting its importance
  2. Identifying the different types of teams
  3. Identifying the personal team style
  4. Studying the 5 stages of Tuckman’s Team Formation model
  5. Introducing the highly effective team characteristics
  6. Training on collective communication skills
  7. Use problem-solving skills in teams
  8. Dealing properly with difficult behaviors in teams
  9. Developing team spirit in organizations of all sorts


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