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Free Online Course from Edx: Preparing to Network in English

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Free Online Course from Edx: Preparing to Network in English

EdX offers this free online course called "Preparing to Network in English", to learn the basics of networking while you grow your social network and professional connections. Also, practice speaking to improve your English language skills for increased success in job hunting.

Details about the course:

Networking in the business world is key to career success.  Research shows that many jobs are never officially advertised. Many companies rely on word-of-mouth advertising to hire employees, so connections with people are important! It’s also clear that English is an important language in the global job hunt. But what exactly is networking? And how do you do it in English? 

This course helps you understand the basics of networking and why it’s important. You’ll identify the key qualities that you personally want to focus on developing.
Most importantly, you’ll grow and expand your business network and professional connections. Gain confidence in your speaking while introducing yourself in English. You’ll also learn about business culture in North America and around the globe while you improve your English language skills for increased success in networking and job hunting.

Who can join:

This course is designed for people at an intermediate level or above in English. Some of the vocabularies might be easy for you, but you can probably benefit from the activities. That means you should be able to talk about everyday topics. If you are a beginner, some of the activities might be difficult, but you can still learn from them.

What you will learn:

  1. Identify your goal for networking 
  2. Define your network and make decisions on how to grow it 
  3. Identify your unique skills and qualities 
  4. Make effective introductions for yourself and others 
  5. Use LinkedIn and business cards to make and maintain connections with your network
  6. Use culturally appropriate greetings and customs

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