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Free Online Course from Future Learn: Supporting Successful Learning in Secondary School

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Free Online Course from Future Learn: Supporting Successful Learning in Secondary School

Future Learn offers this free online course called “Supporting Successful Learning in Secondary School” to develop your understanding of learning and teaching, as well as to build your confidence in supporting students in secondary schools. Engaging young people in the classroom can be a challenge for teachers and teaching assistants. Secondary school students often learn differently to younger students, so this can require a different teaching approach. On this course, you will learn how to support effective learning experiences in secondary schools, exploring the different ways secondary school students learn. You will also reflect on your own values and biases to improve your confidence and working practice. By the end of the course, you should feel more confident in your ability to support secondary school students.

Who Can Join the Course:

This course is ideal for teaching assistants in secondary schools. It will also be of interest to teachers returning to work, newly qualified teachers, unqualified staff, as well as providing a refresher for current teachers. Parents of children in schools may also find this course useful in helping them to support and encourage their children’s learning.

Topics Covered:

Week 1: You and others

  1. An introduction to values, beliefs, and attitudes
  2. Understanding the unconscious bias
  3. Looking at your own biases and reflecting upon them
  4. Reflecting on your own values

Week 2: How people learn

  1. An introduction to how people learn
  2. Exploring a student’s view of their environment through their eyes, as well as hearing about their world views
  3. Looking at the expectations we have of students
  4. Building on what students know and what they should know

Week 3: The environment for learning

  1. An introduction to the learning environment and what it consists of
  2. Exploring misconceptions about managing a classroom and finding out what teaching is like in reality
  3. Understanding the psychology behind primary and secondary behaviors

Week 4: Communication, language, and literacy

  1. Introduction to aspects of communication within teaching
  2. Learners to take part in activities that include communicating and listening
  3. Exploring the importance of asking the right question
  4. Share examples of good practice
  5. How to plan effective questions for the classroom

By the End of the Course, You'll Be Able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and confidence to work more effectively in supporting and teaching at the secondary level
  2. Apply for the course as a tool for teaching and classroom support
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the advice available to consider teaching as a career

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