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Free Online Course from Google: Getting Your Dream Job

International Organisation Google
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Free Online Course from Google: Getting Your Dream Job

Skills from the Google platform has announced the possibility of participating in the free online course under the name "Getting Your Dream Job". The participant will learn how to create an appropriate CV and prepare for job interviews in order to get his dreams job.

About the Course: 

Anyone can get their dream jobs if they use the right tools and skills. The participant will learn how to create an excellent CV and a good introductory letter and learn how to enhance his online presence to get a job interview and win the job he wants. The course consists of one unit of study, this unit consists of several lessons, each lesson does not exceed half an hour, and it's a free course for beginners. 

Course Content:

This course includes:

  • Educational videos.
  • Easy implementation tips.
  • A short test at the end of each lesson and topic.
  • Unlimited access to information.

Included Modules:

This course includes one unit:

Getting Your Next Job: This unit includes the following lessons:

  • Get started for a new job.
  • Apply for jobs using CV.
  • Develop a personal style.
  • How to organize a job search.
  • Prepare for the job interview.

Platform Mechanism:

You can work on Skills from the Google platform by:

  1. Registration in a course: participants can choose the appropriate course for and take the next step towards achieving their educational goals.
  2. Tracking progress: participants can track the level of progress made in each course through the "Learning Plan" page.
  3. Completing the brief tests: The participant can learn new skills through the easy courses offered by the platform, and then test what he learned through a brief test.

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