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Free Online Training Course TV News Report from Al Jazeera Media Institute

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Free Online Training Course TV News Report from Al Jazeera Media Institute

Al Jazeera Media Institute is offering a free online training course titled TV news report, provided by the announcer Rania Halabi. Halabi will talk about the news report and discuss the importance of angle control, the image search phase and the writing phase of the report text. It also provides a practical simulation of the stages of preparing a television news report. The duration of the course is two weeks, 3 hours per week, and will be presented in Arabic.

About the course:

Not all broadcast through TV channels is a typical example of a successful report. In this course, the participant will receive an integrated idea of the news report that the editor prepares in the newsroom. The participant will also be familiar with the various stages followed to obtain an integrated professional report.

Skills covered by the course:

  • Identify what the news TV report is.
  • Identify the stages of completing the news report.
  • Identify the basic components of each TV news report.
  • Acquiring the skill of adjusting the angle of the news report and planning.
  • Acquiring the skill of professional preparation for TV news reports.
  • Acquiring the writing skill of the image when the TV news reports are completed.

Course Requirements: 

  • Knowledge in Arabic.
  • A computer or a smartphone.

Course Lectures: 

  • Introduction: The news television report is the result of the evolution of news track. So the news television report is the basis for judging that this journalist is not only a news anchor from the source, but he is able to develop it according to different angles and has a knowledge that allows him to use the information he has obtained in several forms of journalism.
  • The concept of the TV news report: A television news report is press format that provides an explanation of some aspects of news or daily events that are difficult to address in simple news.
  • Angle adjustment: To know the angle, you should answer the following questions: What is the main problem the report takes? What do I want to say to the viewer? This requires the availability of a range of information and news on the subject and developing it into a full proposal form that sets the issue precisely.
  • Image search phase: The TV report consists of voice, interviews, and image, and the image is the main thing in the report. It's said that the picture in press format it sings from a thousand words if employed in the best way. So, before you begin drafting the report, ask yourself: What pictures are available? An important question is that you can only write about the images you have available.
  • Writing the text of the report: After careful examination of the images that will be adopted in your report and make sure that there are materials for each paragraph in the report comes to the writing stage. And considered very important some describe it the body of the report, If you did not take care of it you will lose the rest.
  • The good performance in reading the text, the importance of rhythm in the report + montage and the need to preserve the natural sound: After ensuring the integrity of the written text and provide the necessary images for each sentence, turned to the stage of sound recording, and requires a focus on the main points:
    • Ensuring that the performance is good, with the need to focus on the importance of rhythm: places of recording and moments of silence, it makes the viewer feel the comma and point and question and wonder.
    • Take care to cut good sentences and highlight some words in the required locations.
  • Practical simulation of the stages of preparation of the television report: In theory, the trainee learned through the previous lessons on the basic stages of the completion of a television news report. But these stages will not be clear in the best way for the trainees just with the simulation process; so we will proceed from the first stage of searching for a story that will attract the attention of the public, and adjust the angle of intake.
  • Final lesson: Previous lectures talked about the concept of the television news report, which is very briefly one of the press forms adopted to answer questions that cannot be elaborated on in the news. Also, he found that it was the ideal interface to address the explanatory aspects of the event by answering the question: Why? And how?

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