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Funded Training Program in the Field of Peace and Conflict Resolution at Rondine Organization in Italy

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Funded Training Program in the Field of Peace and Conflict Resolution at Rondine Organization in Italy

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Rondine is offering a two-year Training Program in the association's headquarter in Italy. The program aims at promoting conflict transformation through the experience of young people coming from different cultures or conflict and post-conflict areas. During a two-year experience, participants deconstruct the idea of the “enemy” and work actively to develop projects with social, political and economic impact in order to contribute to peaceful development in their own countries and in the world.
To achieve these results, students receive high quality trainings on topics connected to conflict management, as well as improve their communication skills and learn about the necessary methodologies needed to create concrete opportunities for development and reconciliation. In addition to this specific training, students develop their own professional and academic curriculum by obtaining a master’s degree or a specialization by high vocational education.

Areas of the Program

The program will run from July 2019 to June 2021 and is divided into three main areas: daily life, trainings and academics. All areas are strongly oriented toward the principles and values of Rondine’s mission:

In the Daily Context:

Through cohabitation with others, the participant has to practice respect for the other as a person and is asked for responsible participation in the educative processes. The entire experience is based on relations and active listening, in order to understand social, cultural and religious diversity and to be able to witness its previous and current experience and to develop projects having social impact. In practice, the participant is expected to actively contribute to the daily activities of Rondine and to adopt a proactive attitude. Participation and attendance to activities is crucial and present an occasion during which the participant can show and exercise the skills developed during the training courses.

In the Training Context:

Divided into series of activities aimed at deepening personal competences and soft skills such as leadership, communication, storytelling, team building, active learning, etc. The core of the training is about conflict transformation, which aims to cover the understanding of the causes and consequences of the war in their respective countries, through the confrontation of experiences of different conflicts. The training program also covers human rights, mediation, project writing and management conducted by international and local mediators, trainers, and specialized psychologists. They act as facilitators in confrontation between students to be able to share their views on personal identity issues, starting from their culture, history, customs, traditions, and stereotypes, to their own approach of the conflict. The topics are addressed through activities and trainings that foster interpersonal communication and gradual expression of their experiences by taking into consideration different points of view.

In the Academic Context:

Through the work on a master’s degree or other type of vocational training courses at the main universities or institutes in Central Italy (Tuscany, Umbria), the participant will complete the personal study curriculum started in their country, getting prepared for the job market with greater sensibility and focus on social changes. Rondine fellows generally attend a one-year master (60 ECTS) on a part-time basis, so to be compatible with the Rondine training. The choice of the course will be agreed upon with the educational staff, and it will be bound by the level of study stated in the Dichiarazione di Valore*, a legal document necessary for academic enrollment and to be obtained by the candidate before their arrival in Italy. 

*The ‘Dichiarazione di Valore’ is the document that proves the value of the title of the degree obtained in a different system than the Italian one. It is drafted in Italian and released by the Italian Diplomatic Representatives Office abroad (Embassies or Consulates), the closest to the city in which is the institution that has released the degree.

Who Can Participate?

Participants will be selected among candidates showing the following characteristics:

  1. Ages between 21- 28
  2. Sensibility and readiness to work on the topics of conflict of the country of origin and conflicts in general
  3. Predisposition to leadership
  4. Predisposition to public speaking and communication
  5. Predisposition to team and group work and active listening
  6. Predisposition to taking on roles of responsibility
  7. Predisposition to team building and active involvement
  8. Predisposition to civic engagement and volunteering
  9. Predisposition to entrepreneurship and social innovation
  10. Project-oriented attitude, aiming at implementing social projects upon return to their home country
  11. Knowledge about civil society and the non-profit sector
  12. Sensibility about global sustainability or at least about some of the following topics: climate change, cooperation, welfare, civil, and social economy
  13. A wish to deal with conflict management, during their own personal professional growth

Please, note that Italian is the official language for communication and activities in Rondine. For this reason, the program starts with a 3-month intensive course of Italian language and culture. Knowledge of English is also required for a profitable participation in the Rondine training. On a comparable assessment of the previous characteristics, the presence of a candidate’s sponsorship by a legal entity such as foundations, NGO’s, or other non-profit bodies are an added value. Sponsorship has to demonstrate relatedness to topics close to Rondine’s and actual support – even financial, to the candidate.


During the whole period of the participant’s stay, the association takes responsibility of covering the following costs:

  • Cost of the training activities in Rondine.
  • Cost of the lodging and board.
  • Cost of the academic or vocational training (enrollment fees, learning material, transportation).

Expenses under the responsibility of the student include: expenses for the travel to/from Italy and visa procedures, holiday travels, personal and medical expenses, and every other cost not specifically included among the expenses covered by the Association.

About Rondine Cittadella della Pace Initiative

Rondine is an international peace initiative that brings enemies together from around the world. Rondine’s peace leaders fight to shape a brighter future, that condemns war and encourages love and understanding. Rondine's mission is to promote the resolution of conflict through peaceful coexistence and multicultural dialogue.


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Rondine Cittadella della Pace

Rondine is an international peace initiative that brings enemies together from around the world. Rondine’s peace leaders fight to shape... More details