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Google AI Impact Challenge for Organizations to Win $25M

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Google AI Impact Challenge for Organizations to Win $25M

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Google invites nonprofits, social enterprises, and research institutions around the world to submit their ideas for the Google AI Impact Challenge to use AI to help address social and environmental challenges. Selected organizations will receive education and coaching from Google’s AI experts, access to computing resources, and grant funding from a $25M pool.

Application criteria:

  1. Impact. How will the proposed project address a societal challenge, and to what extent? Is the application grounded in research and data about the problem and the solution? Is there a clear plan to deploy the AI model for real-world impact, and what are the expected outcomes?
  2. Feasibility. Does the team have a well-­developed, realistic plan to execute on the proposal? Does the team have a plan to access a meaningful dataset and technical expertise to apply AI to the problem? Have they identified the right partners and domain experts needed for implementation?
  3. Use of AI. Does the proposal apply AI technology to tackle the issue it seeks to address?
  4. Scalability. If successful, how can this project scale beyond the initial proposal? Can it scale directly, serve as a model for other efforts, or advance the field?
  5. Responsibility. Does the proposed use of artificial intelligence align with Google’s AI Principles?

Who is eligible?

  1. The Challenge is open to any nonprofit organization, public charity, or for-profit business from around the world, provided that they apply for a project that has a charitable purpose.
  2. Individuals without organizational affiliation are ineligible.
  3. Individuals and organizations that ordinarily reside or are located in Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, or Syria are not eligible to apply.
  4. For-profit businesses that are registered or formed under the laws of their country may apply if their suggested projects have an explicit charitable purpose.
  5. Only one organization may be the applicant of record, but collaboration is welcomed and encouraged - especially between technical and social sector experts.
  6. Applications must be submitted in English to be considered.
  7. If you feel you have two unrelated projects that would each make good candidates, please submit a separate application for each. No organization may submit more than two applications, except large organizations like colleges and universities, those are permitted to submit multiple applications. In the case of colleges and universities, each Principal Investigator is asked to submit only one proposal.
  8. Fiscal sponsors can submit more than one application: one for the fiscal sponsor organization itself, and one on behalf of each sponsored group.

What will grant recipients receive?

Grant recipients will receive the best of Google to help bring their ideas to life: coaching from Google’s AI experts; grant funding from a $25M pool; and access to resources including computing power, an ML-focused accelerator, training, and more.

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