Grant of $2,800 for Research on Primary Snoring Presented by SomniShop

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Grant of $2,800 for Research on Primary Snoring Presented by SomniShop

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SomniShop offers an international grant for research on primary snoring every year. The scholarship will be awarded for the fourth time in 2019, this time jointly by SomniShop and a well-known non-profit organisation, the European Society for Sleep Health (ESSH).

Research proposals:

Snoring is not only annoying, but it can also severely impair the snorer’s health. Some of the most prevalent effects of snoring can include; daytime tiredness, concentration problems and bad breath.

There are already countless scientific studies on pathological snoring, or obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). On the other hand, the area of primary snoring, i.e. non-pathological snoring, is still insufficiently researched. That is why SomniShop and the ESSH have set themselves the goal of promoting scientific work in this highly interesting field of research. For only on the basis of solid scientific findings can the quality of life of those affected be improved.

Amount of award:

For the award in 2019, the research prize is endowed with prize money of up to USD 2,800 (approx. EUR 2,500), the amount of the prize money and the possible distribution among several prize winners are at the discretion of the selection jury.

Important notice:

This scholarship is merit-based, i.e. general requests for funding without any submission of a specific proposal or idea related to primary snoring will not be entertained. What you should provide SomniShop with is at least a rough idea on how you would improve the therapy or diagnosis of primary snoring. This proposal could be related to certain product categories that you find on SomniShop's website (for instance, snoring mouthpieces, nasal dilators or positional therapy).

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