Paid Internships for Undergraduate Students from King Abdullah II Fund for Developments

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Paid Internships for Undergraduate Students from King Abdullah II Fund for Developments

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The King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) and the LOYAC Jordan Foundation are providing university students with an opportunity to receive training in various fields related to their scope of studies and helps them make a decision about which career they want to have in future by Summer Internship Project, which focuses on developing participants’ skills through several well-prepared workshops that concentrate on strengthening professional and personal skills. The program offers local job training opportunities during the summer semester for the students of the Jordanian public universities in both the private and public sector. The training program spans over two months, in which, interns receive a weekly salary in exchange of 18 hours of volunteer work or community service throughout the duration of the program.


  1. Preparing students to penetrate the labor market by providing them with training before graduation.
  2. Refining and enhancing students' skills.
  3. Promoting the culture of work and training among students.
  4. Increasing the number of training opportunities in various companies, especially in governorates facing limitations with such opportunities.
  5. Promoting volunteerism and community service among students.
  6. Enhancing students' self-confidence to face the difficulties and obstacles which they may encounter as they progress through their careers.


  • Applicant must be a Jordanian student.
  • Applicant must be a student at the time of applying
  • Applicant must have a passing GPA
  • Working hours and school time must not interfere at all.
  • Applicant must not be enrolled in the summer semester.
  • Applicant must commit to the program.

Note that prior to the start of the program, students are given a two-day Pre-Internship Training on communication skills, work ethics, life skills and practical advice in the field of human resources (decent dress, personal hygiene, dealing with managers and colleagues.

About organization

In the implementation of His Majesty, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) was created as a non-governmental organization to enhance productivity through implementing development projects that help alleviate poverty and unemployment in partnership with the private and the public sectors. The KAFD focuses on investing in human resources through providing necessary training and support to empower them to contribute to the development of the country's future in line with His Majesty's reform vision at the economic and social spheres. The KAFD works to harness the potential of the young people in Jordan and encourage innovation and excellence among them through developing their entrepreneurial skills and preparing them to penetrate the labor market. Thus, the KAFD implemented and supported a series of programs and initiatives under the motto “Active Citizens, Creative and Qualified for the Job Market” to promote youth engagement and enhance leadership skills.

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Country of residence
Age Groups
18 -24
Both gender
Business, Not Specific

Opportunity Information

Opportunity Targeting
Undergraduate Students
Partial funding
Opportunity Coverage
Opportunity will take place in
Required Documents

Educational Conditions

Required Specialties
All Specialties
Educational Level
High School Diploma, Bachelor
Required Languages
Arabic, English
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King Abdullah Fund for Development

In implementation of His Majesty, the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) was created as a non-governmental organisation to... More details