Rashid Bin Hamad Al Sharqi Award for Creativity to Win up to $30,000

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Rashid Bin Hamad Al Sharqi Award for Creativity to Win up to $30,000

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The Fujairah Culture and Media Authority invites creative writers from all over the Arab World to participate in the 2019 Rashid Bin Hamad Al Sharqi Award for Creativity.

About the Award:

An annual award launched by the Fujairah Culture and Media Authority in early 2018 at the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Rashid bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Chairman of the Fujairah Culture and Media Authority. It is managed and supervised by the Commission through committees formed for this purpose, according to their respective specialties. The award aims to patronage Arab literary and critic talents, highlighting the names of their owners and supporting them materially and morally through the allocation required by the award according to the classifications of their categories and the consequent commitment of their management in marketing and serving the winning works through media.

Award Categories:

The Award targets the following categories of Arab creators in the branches marked for each category:


  • Participation is one novel per participant.
  • The number of words of the novel should be about twenty thousand words.

Short Story:

  • Participating should be with a group of stories no less than three stories, and no more than four.
  • The number of words should not exceed 3,000 words.

Theatrical Script:

The participant have to submit only one script without limiting the number of words.

Children's Literature:

Child literature is divided into the following categories:

  • A "storybook" for children, no less than five stories and no more than seven, dealing with educational stories and entertaining subjects, aimed at creating a sensual taste in children and establishing a reading base to them.
  • "Theatrical Script for Children" applicant is not restricted to the number of words, and it is allowed to employ the Arab and Islamic heritage in the selection of subjects, as well as the rich tales from our heritage.
  • "Children's Songs" shall be included in a group of lyrical poems intended for children, provided that the number of songs in the group shall not be less than five songs and not more than seven.


It includes vertical poetry and modern poetry:

"Vertical Poetry":

  • Participating with a vertical poetry, should be three poems for each poet.
  • The poem is not less than fifteen verses.

"Modern Poetry": Poem / Prose Poem

  • The participation of the poet shall be at least three poems and not more than five, for each branch of the categories.
  • Each poem should not be less than 200 words.

Critical Studies:

  • The aspects of critical studies tend to delve into literary, artistic, cultural, and intellectual criticism spaces. Participation does not require that the critic should be restricted to specific topics.
  • The critical study should not be less than "20,000" words.

Historical Studies and Researches:

  • The participant in the category of historical studies and research should choose his research topics from history, highlighting the impact of ancient civilizations and their extending on the Arab map, studying the impact of a historical figure or do a research on an era of history and lighting it with new and advanced research results.
  • The participant in this category has the right to choose between ancient history and Arab and Islamic history until the last reign in Andalusia.


  • Translating the top 10 winning works into English, and publishing them in both Arabic and English versions.
  • The publication of the non-winning works, that the jury find them able to be publish in terms of level of literary construction and the importance of their subjects in accordance with critical standards and evaluation.
  • The material and moral rights that entitle the applicant to win the prize.


  • First Place of each category: $30,000
  • Second Place of each category: $20,000
  • Third Place of each category: $10,000 

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