Win up to 300,000$ from Doha Drama Writing Award Contest

Doha Drama Award
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Win up to 300,000$ from Doha Drama Writing Award Contest

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The Doha Drama Award was launched for all Arabic writers in 2019, including writers of theatrical texts, television and cinematic scenarios, all of which are an important source in providing the communities with their goals and aspirations and improving their positive attitude towards their members by increasing community solidarity and emphasizing dialogue among cultures and civilizations. 

Participation Rules:

  1. Applicants must be from Qatar or any other Arabic-speaking country.
  2. Production should be in only one of the following three areas: theatrical texts, television scenarios and cinematic scenarios.
  3. Creative participation is accepted in Arabic language only, but the dialogue can be in local accents with understandable vocabularies for the jury.
  4. The text must be original, not produced or won in another contest, and should not have rights to any other party.
  5. Members of the board of trustees and members of the jury are not eligible to participate in any area of the competition.
  6. The text should respond to the basic rules of dramatic writing, avoiding directness and preaching.
  7. The text must contribute to the enhancement of human dignity and support the values of dialogue in society and the activation of its creative energies through the development of knowledge.
  8. The text must express issues of the society and move away from the familiar topics, addressing the deep issues that affect the mental and psychological structure of different segments of society.
  9. The text must be committed to human values that call for people convergence, respect for their cultures and the promotion of their identity
  10. The text must be in Word of PDF format with Arial font and size 14.

Specific Conditions:

Theatrical text: 

  1. The nominated text must be directed to adults.
  2. The text must not be monodramatic.
  3. The text must cover a minimum of 45 minutes.
  4. At least 20 pages must be submitted.

TV scenario:

  1. Submission of the entire episodes, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 episodes.
  2. The number of pages per episode is between a minimum of 35 pages and a maximum of 45 pages.
  3. The participant must take into consideration the usual structure in the division of the episode for the scenario, dialogue and numbering of the scenes in addition to the definition of time (night/day) and geographical definition (outdoors/indoors).
  4. Pages must be numbered with side titles.
  5. The writer is free to choose the genre (history-comedy-tragedy-family-disguise).

Film scenario:

  1. The text of the film must be fiction and not documentary.
  2. There are no restrictions on form or type.
  3. The submitted scenario should cover a minimum of 65 minutes.
  4. The writer is free to choose the genre (history-comedy-tragedy-family-disguise).


The three prizes will be worth $300,000 divided as follow:

  1. Theatrical text: The prize amount will be $100,000.
  2. TV scenario: The prize amount will be $100,000.
  3. Film scenario: The prize amount will be $100,000.

In addition to the prize money, all winners will receive a certificate and a prize shield.

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Doha Drama Award

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