edX Online Course: Social Work (Research)

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edX Online Course: Social Work (Research)

edX platform offers the opportunity to attend a free online course in Social Work and Research provided by Michigan. Students will learn about the importance of an evidence-based approach in social work practice and how to conduct effective research.

About the Course

This course will cover:

  1. Quantitative and qualitative research methods;
  2. Searching procedures to effectively find existing research;
  3. Application of research to practice.


No prerequisites are required, the opportunity is available for anyone interested.

Course Syllabus

  • Module 1: 
    Why Research in Social Work?  
    Introduction to course instructors and objectives.
    Why do we conduct research on social issues?
    Interviews with evidence-based practitioners
  • Module 2: 
    Organization of Social Work Research
    Distinguish empirical social work research from non-empirical social work research
    Scientific Communications Learn how the field of social work research is organized
  • Module 3: 
    Key Concepts in Research Measurement: Validity vs Reliability Sampling: Representativeness, size, generalizability and types
    Effect Sizes Causality versus Correlation
  • Module 4: 
    Non-Experimental Methods - Quantitative  
    Overview: What is quantitative research? The most common method: One Group / One Timepoint
    Observational Research Quasi-Experimental Research
  • Module 5: 
    Experimental Methods - Quantitative Experimental Research (RCT) Systematic Reviews Meta-Analyses
  • Module 6: 
    Qualitative and Mixed Methods Overview: What is qualitative research? Ethnography, Interviews Narrative research, Focus Groups Case Studies, Mixed Methods, and;
    Grounded Theory Key Questions To Ask and Mistakes To Avoid When Evaluating Any Qualitative Research
  • Module 7: 
    Locating Research
    Formulating a search strategy
    Finding articles online (outside of academic databases)
    Evaluating results
  • Module 8: 
    Integrating Research Into Decision-Making
    Evidence-Based Practice Interviews with Evidence-Based Practitioners

What you'll learn

  1. Understand what social work research is and the different types of research methodologies.
  2. Learn key concepts and principles of quantitative and qualitative research in order to make effective appraisals of research findings.
  3. Know the process of searching and retrieving social work research.
  4. Make appropriate inferences from a given study to inform social work practice.
  5. Understand how research fits within the broader framework of evidence-based practices.

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