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Al-Quds Center is an independent think-tank that is not affiliated to any partisan agency. It was established in Amman in 1999 and in Beirut in 2012 with the aim of providing a deeper and more accurate understanding for the challenges that political reforms and democratic transition face in Jordan and Arab countries. The Center is also aimed at consecrating “equal citizenry” values as they are the source of rights and duties; disseminating the culture of dialogue, tolerance, respect of pluralism and recognition of the presence of others; promoting the principles of freedom, justice, and the rule of law being the rule governing the modern state relation with its citizens, and the regional and international relations. The Center works, as well, on expanding political participation of citizens and operationalizing civil monitoring of government and parliamentary performance. It promotes freedom of the press and independence of the media as well as enrooting the “right to know” and access to information.

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