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Athar Educational Charity Team------------------------------ Identity: The Impact Team is a charitable, educational, charitable teamIn addition to being a simple platform for spreading science to all spectrathe society.Vision: We strive to be the first platform and institution specialized in the dissemination of all sciences between different strata of society; With the aim of enlightening the minds. Message: We activate the educational aspect and the evaluation of its shortcomings and completion, and We are keen to spread all sciences without affecting the physical or health aspectFor the recipient.General objectives of the team:1. Empowering citizens with children Youth and women to develop themselves and their communities through education and employmentTraining and open the way for them to gain diverse experiences.2. Supporting individualsThe needy and their care in the educational field based on specific criteria, and increase The awareness of beneficiaries on many educational topics through seminars and lecturesAnd provide advice in this regard.3 - Upgrading the educational level and working to solve some problems from private lessons and others.4 - Provide courses and training courses for others able before the ability to meet their needs.5 - work on the principle of equality between the layers of society in terms of our educational field.6. Facilitating learning in particular and education in general.7 - Adapting the skills and personal experiences of members and others for fear of being destroyed despite our need for them, despite their importance.General principles of the Group:1 clear program setting goals is applicable.2 - Takaful and cooperation to achieve the desired goals.3 - Transparency in the presentation of how to finance and financial management.4. Respect for the Statute to be followed by the Group.5. Ensuring that the principles of consultation, solidarity, cooperation and cooperation are enshrined. 6 - dedication, allowance and sacrifice unconditional and effortless ambition ambition is notInterrupted, which is not subject to events or mood of a particular person or persons.7. Awareness of the evaluation and review of projects and past experiences.- The team consists of the following:First: Organizational sector (internal teams): HR-PR-FR-Logistic-Archive-ExplorationIT-MediaSecond: The executive sector (committees): (development and training - awareness - follow-up and linking - caravans)-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- # Ather .. Anr Aqlan .. ^^(Board of Directors)

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