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Drabzeen HD is working in the field of development since 2012, focusing on young people all over theKingdom of Jordan, with its aims of Promoting good governance, Human rights,and the rehabilitation for Jordanian labor market.Drabzeen HD started towork on politicalparticipation with Jordanian activists through a series of advocacy workshops on theelection law to ended up draft law and present it to the parliament.AlsoDrabzeen implemented Civic Engagement projects in the Jordanian Universitieson the youth cultural exchange with European union  by implementing open discussions with AAl AlBait University’s students and actors from the European union  talking about the youth opportunities throughthe voluntary work and the experiences can be gained, also Drabzeen implementeda series of workshops on youth-led initiatives and civic engagement in theJordanian University and coming up with several project initiatives led by thestudents inside and outside the university to help the students for betterunderstanding of the organizational skills such as planning and team work  etc…  Withthe lake of funds Drabzeen team started to implement consultation work forinternational NGOs in Jordan working in the field of youth employment,implementing trainings, coaching, and technical assistants, plus researches andevaluation missions, more than 4 years of experiences Drabzeen team continuingits services on this field, and as will as the unemployment of Jordanian youngpeople gets worse year after year, as we in Drabzeen get more motivated to bepart of the solutions.

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