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Kwn Digital


An Arabic Platform meant to build and create Digital Entrepreneurs for the Arab World. The name itself ‘Kwn’ is the Arabic word for ‘Create’ or ‘Build’; delivering in its name a call for action to build and create ones future, ones online business, or ones app. It is a platform that offers highly affordable internationally accredited Digital Media Qualifications delivered over the internet in Arabic language by Digital Media professors, experts, and practitioners from leading universities around the world. The two-year Digital Media degrees offered, comprise the collective knowledge and skills required to become either a Digital Entrepreneur, a Digital Executive or a Digital Consultant, covering topics of not only web and app development, graphic design and user experiences amongst others, but also important business aspects such as finance for designers and creatives, IP management in the design and creative industries, including Leadership and People Management in the Design and Creative Industries. The vocational qualifications offered aim to build up all the skills needed for learners to become Digital Entrepreneurs or Digital Executives establishing, working for or advising leading Companies in the Arab World. We aim to create the Arab versions of Uber, Facebook, Twitter Arab-Youth-preneurs. The learning including the practical course accompanying assessments are all delivered entirely online, to ensure all content covered is up to date, and draws on the most qualified professors from around the world, whom vast experience would have them quote global and local stories and examples of successful digital businesses and solutions. Internationally these being examples such as Uber, Airbnb, and, whereas locally, recognized businesses are,, and amongst others.

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