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MedeArts (The City-Artists Network Association) is an Arts Development Network in cities and governorates in Jordan that works on improving the role of culture and art inside societies in order to enable it to support social cases, spreading human rights and urging to empower social interaction by means of art & culture. It was established in 2015 by a group of talented and dedicated artists & cultural operators from Jordan. We focus in MedeArts to support local artists and positively influencing the general cultural & art scene, Including promoting the importance of the role of art for expression, change and develop communities, and magnifying the social interaction. MedeArts aims to create an environment where our members can experiment, research and learn from each other so we can develop visionary artists who will be the creative thinkers of the future. In addition, providing a supportive and vibrant artistic community where creativity can be nurtured while helping students to understand the art market and the world of the professional artist to enable them to make informed choices within their creative practice.

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