A Chance to Win € 10,000 at Porada International Design Award 2020

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A Chance to Win € 10,000 at Porada International Design Award 2020

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PORADA, in cooperation with POLI.design, founded by Politecnico di Milano, announces an international ideas competition to identify new innovative concepts on different types of Chair, in which the use of solid wood is prevalent (although not necessarily exclusive) and which conveys the values and the identity of the Porada brand. The wood, whether in natural-finish (preferably in finishes mainly used by the company), or lacquered, can be combined with metal, glass, leather, hide leather or fabric.

The submitted designs shall be original and unpublished; they must enhance the use of production technologies, woodworking processes and typical finishing of the solid wood and they must respond to the principle of functionality. They must comply with the existing safety standards in force, also respecting ergonomic, environmental and sustainable design requirements.


The competition is open to:

  • Professionals category (P), Italian and/or foreign designers working independently or employed by companies (if duly authorized by their company).
  • Students category (S), Italian and/or foreign students enrolled in Bachelor's or Master's degrees and recent graduates.

For both categories, group entries are also permitted. In this case, the members of the group must appoint a leader who will be the sole person in charge and referent towards POLI.design.

Terms of Participation:

  • Upon entry the competition, participants unconditionally accept the terms of this competition contained herein. If these terms are not, in whole or in part, respected by the participant, their design may be disqualified.
  • Members of the Jury, their relatives, employees of Porada and POLI.design, may not take part.
  • Projects must be original and unpublished and exclusively developed for the competition.
  • Each participant (or group) is permitted to submit one project only.
  • Participation in the competition is anonymous. Each participant must create a numeric code (a six-digit number, with no digit repeated more than twice, and not in sequence) to be used to identify the files mentioned in art.
  • For the Professionals category: add the letter 'P' as a prefix, which indicates the Professionals category.
  • For the Students category: add the 'letter S' as a prefix, which indicates the Studen t category.

Assessment Criteria:

The selection and evaluation of the designs will take account their originality, the degree of innovation and research of new design solutions related to the typical woodworking processing of solid wood.

Experimentation related to materials and surface finishes, the ability to define and anticipate scenarios of use and innovative concepts of use of wooden furniture and contemporary furnishing accessories with specific regards to typological, technological and morphological determinations, however in line with the identity values and mission of the Porada brand.


The total prize money of € 10,000 will be allocated as follows:

  1. 1st prize € 3,000
  2. 2nd prize € 2,000
  3. 3rd prize € 1,000
  • STUDENTS Category:
  1. 1st prize € 2,000
  2. 2nd prize € 1,200
  3. 3rd prize € 800

Porada reserves the right to produce prototypes of the winning projects and to possibly put them into production.

About Porada:

Porada was established in 1968 by Luigi Allievi with the aim of expanding the production of chairs, started in 1948. Porada has its origin from the passion of the solid wood that worked with the craftsmanship of those who know how to turn a log into a piece of artwork. Porada’s collection is wide and varied, made up of a multitude of occasional furniture developed in cooperation with different designers.

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Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Young Professionals, Mid Career Professionals
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Art, Design, and Music
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Bachelor, Master
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Porada was established in 1968 by Luigi Allievi with the aim of expanding the production of chairs, started in 1948.... More details