Art Competition in Billboards Making to Win $1.297 from ArtMoves 2019

Art Moves Festival
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Art Competition in Billboards Making to Win $1.297 from ArtMoves 2019

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Art Moves is announcing the opening of its 2019 annual festival for all artists and people who have an interest in the 2019 campaign for billboards. This year's theme will be a panel on "impending disasters" or "How to save yourself and the world?"

Information About The Festival:

This competition slogan can be treated as a metaphor for all the processes taking place in the world today. Will the world end soon? Will most species of plants and animals on our planet become extinct soon? Will there be an ecological disaster? Will most people live in extreme poverty, and will the world be constantly at wars? We are drowning in this kind of information that causes fear and paralyzes. How to not slip into a depression and defeatism, how to treat the alarming data as a challenge and seek creative solutions? How to hear a wake-up call? How to find hope and energy for action? How to reject old destructive thinking and acting patterns and find new better solutions? How to not slip into pessimism and apathy and believe that a lot depends on us – our lives, other people’s lives, and lives of creatures that surround us? How to go beyond our personal perspective, beyond our own SELF, and notice that each one of us is a part of some larger wholeness – humanity, and nature, and has an influence on this wholeness? How to think long term, not only about short-term benefits that turn out harmful in the long run? What good can we do for ourselves, the world, and those who will come after us?


10 most interesting works will be displayed on billboards in the city space during the Art Moves Festival in September / October 2019 in Torun, Poland. The author of the most interesting work will receive the Main Award in the amount of PLN 5.000 (about USD 1,297).

Competition Rules:

  • There is no entry fee.
  • The artists taking part in the Competition are invited to prepare an artwork (maximum three pieces), the technique is up to you.
  • The format of the competition work should be 498 cm x 243 cm (196 inches x 95.7 inches) in a horizontal layout,
  • the artist has to send a completed entry form and attach a preview of the submitted work in the following format: 30 cm x 14,6 cm (11,8 inches x 5,7 inches) in a horizontal layout, 72 dpi, jpg. Each jpg file should be named with the artist’s first and last name.
  • Both individual artists and groups of artists can participate in the competition. In case of groups, the following data should be included on the application card: names and surnames of ALL the authors of the work and contact details of ONLY one person who will be representing a group in contacts with the organizers of the competition.

Note: At this point of the competition, do NOT attach files of the complete (heavy) works.


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