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International Photography Contest of the Central Bank of Turkey for a Chance to Win TRY 20,000

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Governmental Organization/Ministries Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
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International Photography Contest of the Central Bank of Turkey for a Chance to Win TRY 20,000

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The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey is delighted to announce its 2nd International Photography Contest under the theme: Economy and Crafts. This Photography Contest aims to support the photographic arts and photography artists, to strengthen national and international communication channels, to underscore the importance of crafts via the art of photography, and to raise and expand at the international level people's awareness about universal diversity through a focus on crafts in different societies. Crafts is a field of production within the economy, it reflects the cultural values of a society through the diversity they offer and a common language of expression. Your photo must reflect the importance and beauty of crafts.

Important Contest Rules:

[1] Participation in the contest is free.

[2] The contest is open to all amateur and professional photographers who have completed 18 years of age by the deadline for application.

[3] Each entrant can participate in the contest with a maximum of four digital color or black-white photographs. Although any technique is allowed, those images that are created by using only computer software or those that do not have any photographic content will not be accepted.

[4] The photographs submitted to the contest shall be saved in JPG/JPEG format, in 150-300 dpi resolution, and with a compression level between 7 and 12. The short edge shall be a maximum of 1920 pixels and the longer edge shall be a maximum of 3200 pixels. The size of each photograph file shall not be smaller than 2 MB or larger than 4 MB. 


The best photographers will receive cash prizes in addition to medals depending on the jury's decision. The prizes are as follows:  

[1] First Prize: A Gold Medal + TRY 20,000.

[2] Second Prize: A Silver Medal +TRY 15,000.

[3] Third Prize: A Bronze Medal + TRY 10,000.

[4] FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art) Mention for 10 competitors:

TRY 2,500.

[5] CBRT Special Prize (to be given to a photograph taken in Turkey): TRY 2,500.

[6] Exhibition (Max 60 photographs): TRY 500.

[7] FIAP Best Photographer Award: To be awarded to the photographer whose works receive the highest recognition in total.


About the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey: 

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT ), was founded as a joint stock company on 11 June 1930. The CBRT determines, at its own discretion, the monetary policy to pursue and the policy instruments to use in achieving price stability in Turkey. This implies that the CBRT enjoys instrument independence. In order to attain its objective of price stability, the CBRT has implemented a full-fledged inflation targeting regime since 2006. The Bank had, originally, a privilege of issuing banknotes for a period of 30 years. In 1955, this privilege was extended until 1999. Finally, it was prolonged indefinitely in 1994.


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