Volunteering Opportunity in Teaching and Content Writing on Nafham 2019

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Volunteering Opportunity in Teaching and Content Writing on Nafham 2019

Nafham offers a volunteering opportunity in the “Participatory Education” program, which aims to bring together millions of students from all over the Arab World, under the theme “complete the circle, volunteer with us”. The program awards volunteers every 4 months, with the goal of sowing the idea of participatory education among individuals. Volunteering is one of the most important and beneficial works for you and others, as you make time and put effort to help others but nevertheless, you get a chance to acquire new skills and learn more useful ways of dealing with people and society. 

Areas of volunteering:

Area 1: Teaching educational lessons 

It’s a section in which the volunteer explains the lessons, as he/she selects a class (elementary/secondary/high school) and a specific subject to explain in different methods such as PowerPoint and voice recording, camera and paper, animation or whiteboard and camera.

Sections include:

  1. Science section: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science
  2. Literary section: Arabic Language and Literature, Social Studies, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology
  3. Languages section: English, French, German and any other language you are proficient in
  4. General section: The volunteer can provide any scientific content that is suitable and reliable providing its sources or any other course that has scientific content

Teaching evaluation criteria: 

  1. The accuracy of the scientific content
  2. Teaching and explaining skills
  3. Skills of simplifying science and scientific communication
  4. Sound quality and image accuracy
  5. Commitment to deadlines
  6. Fast learning

Area 2: Designing educational lessons

Sections: The volunteer chooses a subject in one of the classes in order to specialize in it, where he/she is able to understand it in order to present it to the students in the best way possible. 

Evaluation criteria for designing:

  1. Ability to use PowerPoint
  2. Designing the title page, formulating an introductory question, formulating the objectives, designing the lesson map, the number of lines per page, tables, comparisons, lesson summary, questions answered, questions left to the students and the conclusion page, use of illustrations, respecting deadlines

Area 3: Content Writing


  1. Writing scientific articles in various fields and presenting information from reliable sources
  2. Writing literary articles in various branches of literature and scientific biographies and short stories
  3. Writing educational articles that include tips for parents and instructions for dealing with children 
  4. Writing articles for students
  5. Simplifying science
  6. Summarizing books
  7. Translation

Evaluation criteria for writing:

  1. Knowledge of the basics of writing articles of various kinds
  2. Good knowledge of Arabic grammar
  3. The article should not be less than 400 words
  4. No images included in the article 
  5. Maintaining smooth language, easy expressions and avoiding any phrases in the colloquial language
  6. Providing sources (Wikipedia is not a reliable source)

Area 4: Responding to students’ questions

  1. The accuracy of the information and scientific content provided
  2. The validity of the links used
  3. Organizing the answers, and presenting them easily to students
  4. Avoiding linguistic and spelling mistakes
  5. Respecting deadlines of required tasks


The work of volunteers is evaluated weekly in the form of points, and the end of each month, the best 4 volunteers are selected through evaluation. At the end of the 4 months, “Nafham” holds a graduation party for the selected volunteers. Four of them will receive first place, and four others will receive second place. All volunteers will be given a certificate of appreciation that proves their volunteering in their field. All accepted works are published on the website with the names of the writers to reach millions of students. 

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