Volunteering for Youth in Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon from Ruwwad for Development

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Volunteering for Youth in Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon from Ruwwad for Development

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Ruwwad is looking for enthusiastic volunteers who believe in sustainability to join the team in Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine for 2020. Ruwwad, which is a platform for civic engagement and integration, brings together communities working on overcoming marginalization, active citizens and corporations and talented volunteers with the shared aim of empowerment. Youth volunteer in exchange for an education scholarship, recycling their hours into the programs, but talented volunteers from the wider community and abroad also have a role in creating the spark behind some key initiatives that have time and energy grown and turned into fixed components within its programs and work.

Eligibility criteria:

The team seeks caring volunteers that have the passion and energy to work within Ruwwad model. It seeks talent, experience, knowledge and time. It also seeks volunteers with a vision and volunteers who believe that sustainability is key.


In exchange for volunteering, each volunteer receives an educational scholarship.

About Ruwwad:

Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya is a non-profit community development organization that works with disenfranchised communities through education, youth volunteerism, and grassroots organizing. Its approach encompasses an array of programs and projects that, together, strengthen initiative and facilitate redress to problems prioritized by members of the community.

Areas of impact:

  1. Youth organizing: In partnership with the youth, the team focuses on education, participation, and choice. It works together to even the odds by helping them access quality education, and by generating opportunities for personal growth, as well as skill and leadership enhancement. The weekly community service for the youth is at the heart of the program.
  2. Child development: The Child Development Program staff and volunteers, many of whom are from the community itself, dedicate themselves to answering questions, availing resources and transmitting age-appropriate knowledge and skills, guiding each child through a journey of personal, emotional and physical growth.
  3. Community support: At Ruwwad, solutions to problems are best engineered by members of the community. The team uses a collaborative, participatory approach to community organizing and development, working hand in hand with interested constituencies and engaging as partners and decision-makers.
  4. Community campaigns: Community organizers mobilize citizens to work collectively in solving longstanding challenges. Towards this end, Ruwwad adopts a structured community-focused methodology aimed at organizing community-led campaigns. The main objective of such campaigns is to nurture civic initiative and agency.

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