Win Cash Prizes with the Posterheroes Design Competition 2019

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Win Cash Prizes with the Posterheroes Design Competition 2019

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Posterheroes is an international contest about social communication, the Contest intends to make people aware of integration and acceptance issues and to enhance “diversity” as a resource upon which to build “tomorrow’s” communities. Every year, Posterheroes invites students, professional designers or people passionate in graphic design, to realize a poster about topics of social interest. All the works are judged by a selection panel composed by some of the most relevant experts of the graphic design and communication field. 

About the Contest:

The Contest features two different sections: the Section (a): Posters, and the Section (b): Kinetic Posters. Candidates can participate in the Contest by uploading their project in the appropriate form for each section Posters or Kinetic Posters, or in both Posters and Kinetic Posters. An international panel will select the finalists of both sections: forty (40) projects for the Poster section and ten (10) for the Kinetic Poster section. The Organizers will then select the winner of each category.

The subject of the contest: Integration, acceptance, and diversity in today’s society. We live in a globalized society, in which all of us come into contact with different cultures, languages, and customs on a daily basis. “Contact” can be direct, when different ethnic groups coexist in the same place or interact with one another, or indirect, namely from shopping at the supermarket to using terms borrowed from other languages which have now become everyday communication elements.

In the process of integration, words like migrant and host are temporary actors on the same stage, though have different roles; the first must be able to adapt and learn, the second available and open. The migrant begins a new life in an unknown environment, the host must be able to welcome an individual whose history, customs and thought are hardly known to him. In this context, our task should be to promote dialogue, human rights, safeguarding of peace, sustainable development and, last but not least, global citizenship.

Terms and conditions of participation:

Posters and Kinetic Posters Conditions:

  1.  It is possible to participate in the Contest individually or in groups, by sending up to a maximum of two (2) entries for Poster participation, and no more than one entry for Kinetic poster participation. In the case of group participation, the members must appoint a group leader who will interface with the Organizers for all intents and purposes.
  2. Submissions can only be sent via the online upload procedure, as detailed on Upon submitting his/her entry, each participant must provide information to be used for statistical purposes and logistic organization; in addition, data provided will be used by the Organizers to send the winners the Contest calendar.
  3. The form must be filled out in English; no other language will be accepted.
  4. Failure to complete one of the mandatory fields indicated above will invalidate participation in the Contest.
  5. Participation in the Contest is free of charge.

For technical requirements for submissions read the full version of official rules here.


You have the chance to win a cash prize, take part in many exhibitions and events and be featured in Posterheroes publications and editorial projects.

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Posterheroes is an international contest about social design and social communication asking to the international creative community to express powerful... More details