Volunteering Opportunity In Egypt With The Initiative Of The Egyptian Researchers

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Volunteering Opportunity In Egypt With The Initiative Of The Egyptian Researchers

The Egyptian Researchers Initiative announced the need for volunteers in the Department of Scientific Review.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • To be enthusiastic about achieving the goals of the «Egyptian researchers», and left his mark in society.
  • To be interested in science and reading about it.
  • Be at least a university student.
  • can provide 3 hours of his time per week to follow up with his team.
  • To have a love and passion for the team and volunteer work.
  • has an Internet connection and a computer to follow up on his team duties.
  • Be able to read and write in excellent Arabic and English.

Benefits Of Volunteering With Egyptian Researchers: 

  • The volunteer will have the opportunity to make a change if his goals meet the objectives of the initiative.
  • He will be part of an ideal work environment with fantastic characters.
  • Volunteering will give him the opportunity to discover his skills and exploit them later.
  • Voluntary experiences will increase his self-confidence.
  • Volunteerism will give him new experiences.
  • Volunteering is a useful escape from the routine of everyday life.
  • Helping others gives the volunteer a sense of happiness and self-love.
  • Volunteerism makes him an effective person in the surrounding society.
  • Volunteerism increases his ability to communicate with others as a result of doing this consistently through the team and the working environment.
  • When asked, the "Egyptian researchers" provide a certificate of the duration of the volunteer's work and his position within the team, so that he can add them to his resume.
  • If the volunteer is a science lover or a fan of community assistance through the dissemination of scientific ideas or participation in scientific activities, Egyptian researchers initiative is an excellent platform for this purpose.
  • Gain experience in writing and sound writing through a training program before entering the team, as well as learning how to find reliable sources and how to attach them to articles.
  • Will have priority in benefiting from the future services and programs of the Egyptian researchers if the required standards apply to him.
  • Will have a profile on the initiative website that includes all the volunteer's articles.
  • The volunteer work will not take much of the volunteer's time.
  • The dates of the initiative are extremely flexible.
  • All the volunteer work can be done through the computer. 

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Country of residence
Both gender
Technology, Science, Literature, Research, Social Sciences, Education, History

Opportunity Information

Opportunity Targeting
Undergraduate Students, Anyone Interested
No funding
Opportunity will take place in
Required Documents

Educational Conditions

Required Specialties
All Specialties
Educational Level
High School Diploma
Required Languages
Arabic, English
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Egyptian Researchers

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