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In Kamiyama

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"In-Kamiyama" is the website to share what is happening in our town Kamiyama. It is organized by Green Valley Inc. and Kamiyama TSUNAGU Corporation since 2016.This website has been originally developed by Green Valley Inc. in 2008 to share everyday life in Kamiyama such as KAIR related projects, relocation support info, event info and random blogs posted by local residents. Past years this website brought us many changes in town. After 9 years of use, we renewed this site with new members of TSUNAGU Corporation. We hope we could share a bit of atmosphere of Kamiyama through our website. The English site is mostly in Japanese and English pages are more about KAIR and art related posts. You could also stop by at our Japanese pages to explore our various on-going projects in Kamiyama through pictures and movies. We hope you visit Kamiyama someday soon!

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Ramy Abd El Naby
Houda Alya
djilali boukerroucha
Rawand Abuamna
هيثم سيد حسين اسماعيل
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