Mittelmoda International Lab

Mittelmoda International Lab

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MITTELMODA IS ONE OF THE MOST SOUGHT-AFTER AND WELL-KNOWN FASHION COMPETITIONS AT AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL.Created in 1993, the project has been developing an international network of contacts with over 600 schools of fashion design in 66 countries, thus becoming a concrete chance of exchange and comparison for the young designers’ creativity.Mittelmoda is also Lab, permanent observatory on the emerging creativity involved and reached by the contest.The project is non-profit, independent, and for this reason is able to aim at supporting the young designers’ creativity unconditionally, offering a meeting point and a place where to compare ideas, proposals, innovations and creations to the representatives of the leading brands in the fashion design system, to the international mass media, to the specialized public, to the professors, to the graduates in fashion design as well as to the emergent fashion talent.

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