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Times and Trends Academy

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Times and Trends Academy is formed with the vision to inspire and instruct others on how to improve their lives and achieve peace of mind, financial freedom and a career for life.Times and Trends is a multi-domain Academy for job oriented professional and vocational training programs, founded by Mr. Amit Agrawal in the hearts of Oxford of East, Pune. Times and Trends’ birth is an outcome of extensive research and Amit’s experience of delivering education to teenagers, youths and professionals across diverse industry segments for over a decade and a half.Times and Trends Academy is an institute that runs on a philosophy to build careers for all students and aspirants. The Institute provides a perfect platform for all students to build technical skills along with the soft skills. Times and Trends Academy takes extra efforts to bring out creativity from aspiring designers, and also develop their personality.Times and Trends Academy, since its inception, has been able to churn quality professionals from the Institute. The Institute holds a good record to place its students across the industry verticals. The Institute focuses on building the personality of students. Therefore, a student who passes out does have not only sound technical skills, but also have amazing soft skills.Amit Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy, emphasizes on building overall skills of all the students. Amit has won a series of awards as a former Director of INIFD Deccan. Times and Trends Academy envisions to offer the best learning to students, aspirants, and designers seeking admission in the Institute, and also help them build their career and make them highly employable.

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