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Unify creates Globally Synchronized Events on Solstices and Equinoxes with a focus on celebrating our shared humanity around the world. At these times, we invite all people to meditate, host local ceremonies, pray and align with Source in their own way. It is our conviction that we are One Human Family, transcendent of race, religion, or nation. By unifying at these times we create a living demonstration of our underlying unity and an Emerging Planetary Culture which embraces the interdependence and well-being of all.We recently have supported Standing Rock by organizing 4 global synchronized days of prayer and action in thousands of cities around the world. We have supplied thousands of pounds of firewood, delivered food to local communities in Standing Rock, created clean water systems, helped break down and move camp to the new locations, helped with maintenance of construction equipment and vehicles, helped with cleaning up camp from the truckloads of stuff that was left by the thousands of water protectors, helped fund the creation of the compostable toilet systems, helped create live streams and videos that have reached +65 Million people on Facebook, and more. We currently have 14 people at Standing Rock working daily to support the needs of the camp.

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