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InterArtive is an open platform for dialogue that attempts to bring together different theoretical and practical fields of criticism and reflection on contemporary art and thought. Developed from an academic context, but emerging from a need to reach beyond it and to establish links with the artistic production, InterArtive functions as an online monthly journal and as a cultural association that carries out projects off-line. The diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise of its members and colleagues have oriented the project towards interdisciplinarity and interculturality. Thus, from its founding in 2008, it has become a point of encounter and dissemination of art, thought and contemporary culture for a broad, diverse and international public, taking advantage of the dynamism and accessibility provided by the Internet.

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Samira Taleb
محمد دوحة
Haneen Abdallah
Boch Fathalli
Rawand Abuamna
متابعين 139


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